I’m like an energy-saving machine, especially on Earth Day. I’m the leader of a club my freinds and I made up. We made up a plan to ask our teachers to unplug the electric pencil sharpener, and write a note on the board about Earth Day reminding students to recycle. We even convinced the lunch workers to add two recycling bins for milk cartons and stryofoam trays.We even donate money to buy trees.


New Club Penguin Reviewed by you – A Time when you’d be Exploring

The Club Penguin Team has announced the winner of this week’s “Reviewed by you”. Kirschli posted the best answer on the topic “A time when you’d be Exploring”.

My buddies and I once went exploring during a summer party to find the free items and hidden rooms, and we went all over the island, and even went to a red vs. blue snowball match in someones igloo in the middle of summer! We found so many decorations, and a purple octopus as well! It was so much fun for the five of us, and I don’t think we will ever forget it!

Octo for April 6th Blog .jpg

This week’s topic is:

We’ve been seeing lots of you around the island with the Green Hard Hat and other new stuff from the Gift Shop. The team thinks it’s cool to see you working together and we’d love to know what else you and your buddies are up to.

Herbert Spotted On Club Penguin!

Hello Agents!

If you remember, some months ago Billybob said there’s a new mission coming soon! Yesterday, I found something in the newspaper that scared me a LOT! It’s HERBERT! Yes, HERBERT! If you take a look on the “Focus” section, you will noticed Herbert is wearing a yeti costume…

Herbert Spotted On Club Penguin! club penguin

He knows a lot about the Ski Lodge, Boiler Room & Cove. Weird huh? We are 100% sure he is Herbert. So, what do you think? Is he planning something to destroy the Island again or what?! Maybe Billybob will let us know more about this today on the Community Blog.

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

~Oisin 777~

Billybob on April Fools Day Party

Billybob posted on the official Club Penguin Blog wishing everyone “Happy April Fools Day”, and asking how we like the party.

Billybob on April Fools Day Party club penguin

What do you think about it? There are many jokes, gags, and silly surprises on the island. You should check them all out, especially the following ones:

  • At the Town, the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop are transparent!
  • When exiting one of the 2 rooms above, you get to the Iceberg
  • The boat at the dock is upside-down!
  • There are some hilarious signs at the Iceberg!
  • Try going to the mine, you will end up in a room with the “Loading” sign and funny messages. Click the loading arrows to get to the mine.
  • ~Oisin 777

Club Penguin April Fool’s Day Party 2010 Cheats

Hey penguins the April Fool’s Day party has launched to Club Penguin! There are two items to get. To get the red propeller hat to the following:

  1. Go to the Dock, from your map.
  2. Throw paint at the picture.
  3. When the painting is finished, you should see a red propeller hat stand show up.
  4. Walk over the hat.

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2010 Cheats club penguin

There is also a special members room as well. Go to the Snow Forts and you will see a strange looking door. Go inside to get to the room. If you can’t access the room then here is what it looks like:

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2010 Cheats club penguin

The second free item called is for members only and it’s called the King Jester Hat. You can find it on the right side of the members only room. Here is what is should look like:

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2010 Cheats club penguin

I like all the silly rooms in the April Fool’s Day party, how about you? What is your favourite room? Mine is the forest. Let me know your opinion!

New Club Penguin Special Actions!

The new Penguin Style came out today! The catalog included some items that have special actions. Here are each of the actions with steps how to make your penguin do them, check it out:

Green Hard Hat:

New  Club Penguin Special Actions! club penguinIf you use your green hard hat that you got from the new Penguin Style, You can grow trees! Put on your Green Hard Hat and start dancing, make sure you only wear the Green Hard Hat, nothing else. A while ago Club Penguin let us choose what should happen when we use the hard hat.

Water Suit 3000:

New Club Penguin Special Actions! club penguin

If you purchase the Water Suit 3000 in the jobs section of the Penguin Style, you can use your hose and water! You can also do this with your firefighter suit too. Put on your Water Suit 3000 and start dancing, make sure you are only wearing the Water Suit 3000 nothing else.

Green Face Paint:

New  Club Penguin Special Actions! club penguin

In the new Penguin Style, Club Penguin hid green face paint! Once you find it, put it on and wave! Look what happens. Hope you have a great April Fools day! See you around Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Times Issue #233

Club Penguin Time Issue #233 was released! It is the April Fools issue! Club Penguin did a great job making this newspaper wacky and full of fun! Here are the new updates:

Club Penguin Times Issue #233 club penguin

In section A2 of the Penguin Times, Club Penguin tells us how the April Fools party will continue until April 4th!

Club Penguin Times Issue #233 club penguin

In this issue of Club Penguin Times they added a “Sensei Upcoming Events” section:

Club Penguin Times Issue #233 club penguin

Things to look forward to this month in Club Penguin are:

  • April 8th: New Pin.
  • April 9th: New Penguin Mail, Club Penguin will have a new mail system starting April 9th.
  • April 16th: New Furniture Catalog, New Igloo upgrades Catalog.

Hope you have a great April Fools day! Are you enjoying the April Fool’s party in Club Penguin? I know I am!